2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary products?

Our poster was based predominantly on the poster Small Talk e.p by MNEK.


The slight paint effect was evident, and we wanted to expand on this and use it as a continuous theme throughout our ancillary products. It linked well with our Main product as well due to us having a long shot of a paint fight at the festival. The almost psychedelic bold colouring in the poster as well is key to drawing in the target audience. MNEK doesn’t just use a striking bold blue colour in this poster but it is a theme throughout his posters such as Wrote a Song About You. Within the last poster the boldness and simplicity of black and white make MNEK and his name stand out even more. We felt that if we mixed this theme of the paint and the white background together we could create a striking poster that would highlight MNEK’s boldness as an artist.

We continued using the bold font that MNEK has his name written in which is evident on both poster and Digipak. With our music video we wanted to keep this type of font and therefore on the lines of ‘till the day I die’ we made the lettering big and spacious, partly so then it was clear to read and to continue the bold theme we wanted to convey and link to the artist.


The words were deliberately put over the top of these videos as the colours would make the letters stand out more. The first image has a sunset in the background which we felt linked to the official music video by MNEK featuring Zara Larsson where you see her with the setting sun in the background contrasting with her white clothing.

With the second background of the sea we wanted it to have a clear link to the story that we were narrating in our music video of going on holiday and helping people remember their holidays but we also linked into the fact that MNEK uses the colour blue in multiple ways in his products such as the poster Small Talk and in his video of Paradise where the mainly the whole video is set with ta light baby blue background.

We also use the bold font of the writing within our ancillary products such as on the CD, Poster, Case name and the track names. We wanted this theme to be continuous like it is in MNEK’s music videos and posters clearly linking our products to his name.

Our Products:

As you can see the bold lettering that MNEK uses for his name is used continuously throughout our ancillary products and our Music Video with the words ‘till the day I day’ to express the type of genre we were using as other musicians use symbols for their names such as Bastille using a triangle and 1975 band using a square around their name signifying their music is apart of the indie genre, Where as our product is clearly classified under the dance music genre as bold lettering is fairly common being used by DJ’s such as David Guetta and Vinny Blanc.