overall I had lots of fun making the music video because we had to be very imaginative with the locations we used. Also, by having the elephant costume helped the music video to look more like the original. I thought that we matched up some shots very well to the original, for instance the cardboard sign shots. One thing we struggled with though was the locations in the music video. we could not go down to London to film on the tube so, we had to improvise and print off signs associated with the tube station and stick them on a white wall. Also, we had no access to an airport at the time so we had to get friends going on holiday who weren’t media students to film for us, hence the portrait shaky videos towards the middle of the music video preliminary. From making the preliminary I have learnt that I will have to film all the footage myself so that it is of the same quality and all landscape.

I have included the real music video for Coldplay Paradise below.