After looking at the codes and conventions for the dance genre I found that ‘paradise’ locations feature a lot within DJ’s music videos. For example, Calvin Harris ‘how deep is your love’ features shots of the sea, beaches and nightclubs. When watching this video it made me feel relaxed and carefree as it created that vibe and this is what myself and my partner want to channel through in our music video. Due to that reason, we decided to film some experimental footage when we went away to various places around the world such as Mallorca and Boardmasters a festival based in Cornwall. By doing this, when starting the creative process, if there was any footage we had previously filmed which fitted the conventions we could potentially use it.

As you can see from the images below, they include conventions such as strobe lighting, high key lighting, paradise locations etc…. which all fit into the dance genre codes and conventions category. The locations we visited created relaxed vibes and therefore we thought it would fit well as the dance genre fans are stereotyped to be easy going and carefree.

Also, we decided to film the beginning and end of the music video in a bedroom, this creates a sense of reality as the protagonist is getting ready to go to sleep.