wretch 32The poster gives off quite an urban feel. To the left we can see an image of a block of flats. This can symbolise and relate to what Wretch 32 writes his songs about. Also, a lot of the poster looks like it has been spray painted with black, giving off the impression of graffiti. This helps with the urban theme and links with the genre dance/house as graffiti is associated with freedom as you can paint what you like and people who listen to house/dance are stereotyped to be carefree.
Wretch 32 has also promoted himself well using word play. “Wretchrospective” shows that he has not forgot about his success and portrays that he wants to promote himself as well as the new album. This can also be an indication to the audience that he is smart and intelligent due to the play on words.
The mid shot of Wretch 32 on the poster shows himself to be looking to the side. This could suggest how as an artist he does not like all the attention on him and he wants the audience to focus on the music he creates more than him as an artist. Also, on the mid shot of Wretch 32 we can see that religious imagery has been used. On one of his legs there is a cross on a chain which is symbolic. This helps to subvert the stereotype of the audience who listens to dance/house music as they can be associated with drinking, drugs and being rebellious which isn’t a very religious thing to do. Therefore, Wretch 32 is promoting dance/house/pop music as a good thing to people. Also, the mise en scene of the artist is very limited and simplistic which suggests to us as an audience that he is humble.
High key lighting is used on the poster which can suggest a sense of happiness and an upbeat mood which links into the artists music. The colour scheme of white, shades of blue and black also helps to create connotations of contentment as the shades of blue can be associated to summer and having fun.
On the poster, other artists who feature on the album are started in a bold font. For example, chipmunk has been mentioned on the poster, which possibly could increase Wretch 32’s target audience as it might appeal more now to a younger demographic. Also, the release date of the album has been included on the poster, this gives the album a sense of anticipation and therefore would make the audience more excited.
The white bold font in capital letters help it to stand out to an audience and makes it more eye catching. Also, the upper-case lettering also portrays a sense of importance to the poster. Also, how the white writing is written on a black background also helps it to stand out and helps the audience identify the valuable information if they just had a glance at the poster.

Napater is a digital music service where you can share music with one and other. This is displayed in the bottom right hand corner with other disruption companies. Napster is a good digital platform for the artist because Wretch 32 fans can share digitally the song with friends and family which therefore promotes the song and spreads the popularity creating advantages for the artist such as a bigger fan base and a increase in money. In addition, Wretch 32 also has featured his myspace account link on his poster which overall will help him to create a bigger fan base if people search him up on their account and follow him. HMV is a well established distribution company which is well known to the public. Wretch 32 choosing to have his album sold within this distribution company represents to the audience that the album must be of a high quality for it to be allowed to be published within this distribution therefore, it grabs the audiences attention more as they will think its a worthwhile buy due to the quality of shops its sold in. Within the poster, a block of flats are seen in the top left corner which creates a gritty urban feel. stereotypically, young people of a working class status are often seen to be hanging around these types of areas as its easy to vandalise the sides of walls with graffiti and easily get away with mischief. Therefore, Wretch 32 adding these features within his poster draws his target audience in more as its features which they can relate to in there day to day life.