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How Deep Is Your Love is a song by Calvin Harris and English production trio Disciples. It was released on 17 July 2015 and features uncredited vocals by Norwegian singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen. The single reached the top-ten in 22 countries, including number two on the UK charts and number one in Australia, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and Russia. I have included the music video below.

Genre characteristics.

As an artist defined by the genre deep Dance/House there are certain genre characteristics that would be expected to be found in similar videos within this genre. In this case, there are multiple shots of the American model Gigi Hadid in a sunny beach/holiday like location and also a club. This is common to see in this particular genre. This is also seen in the video ‘thinking about you’ by Calvin Harris where they are partying on a boat. Therefore, this overall portrays that this type of location is a common feature within this genre and artist as it creates connotations of relaxation. Also, partying is another common theme associated in the music video which conforms to the genre of this video as the fan base surrounded by this type of music are stereotyped to have lots of parties and are easy going. At the start of the music video the lighting is low key with a blue/green tint and combined with the image and sound it portrays a strange mysterious effect. But, the video is mainly low key lighting compared to high key lighting. Calvin Harris could of made this decision to emphasise how the parties come more alive at night.

Relationship between visual and lyrics.

As Goodwin states, there should be a relationship between the visual and the lyrics throughout the music video. The visuals and lyrics to this particular music video both demonstrate and strengthen the song’s overall meaning in different ways. on the particular lyric “No inhibition, no sin” we see a woman stripping down out of her clothes into something more revealing which shows more flesh very confidently. This link between the lyrics and visual implies that the protagonist has no worries and is a very care free person with confidence. This associates with the genre, as people who listen to this particular genre are stereotyped to be easy going and laid back. Panning is used in different ways to help link the visuals and lyrics together. For example, in the beginning of the music video the camera pans across the sea from left to right and then in and out in a different scene. This may be used as a metaphor to suggest that the sea is as “deep” as “love” can be which comes from the lyric “How deep is your love”. Therefore, it could show that you can drown and come over whelmed with emotion. This could also link to the reason why the protagonist is introduced as waking up from the dead at the start of the music video.

Relationship between visual and music.

The video starts with a pre-music snippet containing almost silence with just non-diegetic ambient sounds in the background, onscreen is a close up of a body bag with short shots focusing around at different parts of the body. Another link which conforms to Goodwins theory is that the editing is used in a very unique way. Gigi who is the protagonist is seen to be acting in a naturalistic way. However, with the addition of different colours such as red, purple, pink and orange, the footage overlapping and the footage being sped up creates a ghosting affect which links to the story as the protagonist was laying dead at the start of the music video on a metal table. Also, the Music video has very fast cuts and transitions. This portrays the video as being chaotic, which is also a typical theme that is stereotypically associated with the genre dance/house due to it being fast paced.


Voyeuristic treatment.

the video for ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ includes multiple shots which conform to Laura Malveys theory of the male gaze. Half way through the video we see the protagonist leaving a pool in a revealing bikini. Also, when she leaves the pool it is edited in slow motion which emphasises her sexual desire of trying to pursue the men in the video and also the male viewers. This is regular to see in this genre as women typically are seen to be dressed in very little clothing. The video also portrays how we as an audience are looking through the eyes of a male as that is what they find attractive. Also, we see the protagonist pouting with bright red lipstick on. This conforms to the Male gaze theory as its portraying her as erotic and confident and wants to grab men’s attention.

Focus on artist.

Goodwin states that in music videos there should be a focus on the artist (brand recognition). In the particular video I have analysed, the artist does not star in the video, which therefore subverts Goodwins theory. As the artist does not star in their music video, this could portray how they focus more on the music and the message behind the music. However, Gigi Hadid who is an American model features as the protagonist in the music video. This could portray how Calvin Harris wants to give other people without musical talent recognition. Also, Gigi Hadid has her own fan base, for example on Instagram she has 35.9 million followers. Therefore, her fans would watch the music video to see her in it which overall would raise the number of views on the video thus, growing in popularity.

Intertextual references.

Throughout the music video, there are many direct intertextual references, which relate to clubs and Ibiza which, is known for its club vibes and holidays. The specific shots, shown below, links in with the idea of Ibiza due to its low-key lighting but also RGB LED lighting, crystal blue seas, boat parties and dancing. This would remind the audience watching the music video of Ibiza as they can associate these particular shots with this destination.