One thing when looking at the poster that is evident is that David Guetta has a very specific facial expression which one may infer that he is looking very severe. This could be an indication to us as an audience of just how seriously an artist takes their job and roles as musicians, and desire to make the best quality of work.
There are two different fonts present in this poster too: the first font which depicts the artist and the second font which emphasises the fact of his tour date with more essential information below such as where it is. This ultimately means that the artist stress’s an equal importance of his identity and the release date for his tour. Also, how the writing Is displayed in a red banner helps it to stand out to the audience as it is very eye catching. Also, the red colour creates connotations of risk which is associated with the genre dance/house as the fan base surrounded by this genre are stereotyped to be risk takers. The title of the artist is depicted at the top of the poster in large, bold, white, capitalised letters, meaning that this immediately catches a viewer’s eye. It should be noted that the style of writing is how David Guetta normally presents himself as an artist at festivals, concerts and gigs as that is what is projected behind when he is playing therefore the style of font is very iconic. Furthermore, people appreciate intertextuality and familiarity, so by having this familiar iconic font can make him easily recognisable and it could generate a larger audience to the artists music.
What one may notice about the poster is that there is no location presented within it. The fact that David Guetta is not placed in a setting could portray that he is suggesting you don’t need to be in a fun environment associated with the genre house/dance to enjoy the music.
Looking at the poster, it doesn’t specifically list any hit singles or number one hits on the albums he has produced. Whilst this is a very good method of production, the absence of any number one songs also doesn’t moderate any possible sales. Instead, the artist appears modest as he doesn’t wish to make the most money or use his fame to make the most sales, but instead focuses on ensuring his fans enjoy his music live at concerts, festivals and gigs and have this once in a lifetime experience as that is what is being promoted in this poster.
In small font at the bottom of the poster, there is David Guetta’s website. This useful information allows a viewer to find and research more into the artist and their music. This therefore is promoting himself as an artist as it could possibly widen his target audience.

In the poster we can see that David Guetta’s hair is down which looks wild due to it being very long and that he also has a beard. This could suggest to us as an audience that he ‘lets his hair down’ and relaxes and has a fun approach to life. This is also associated with dance music as the people who listen to it are stereotyped to be carefree and have a relaxed outlook on life. At the bottom of the poster, we see a link to buy tickets to see David Guetta live. Putting this on the poster makes the audience feel as though they have to quickly rush to buy tickets because many others would of seen this link as well. This is a smart and crafty way to increase his fan base, as it is tricking the public into buying tickets for the simple reason of they will be worried they will sell fast.