poster andy c

In the poster, Low key lighting is used which creates a party vibe as parties normally happen at night time. This would attract the people associated with this genre as they would be able to relate to times they have been in this kind of environment.
The white bold font on the poster helps to advertise the poster as it stands out more to the audience against the dark background. The contrast in colours would make it look more appealing to an audience. Below the mid shot of the artist, there is his Iconic font for his name. this makes him easily identifiable to an audience who are already fans of his music and to an audience who know of him. The purple lines act as beams of light such as strobe lights. This is a common theme with festivals as normally these types of lights create a dance/party theme as there wild and crazy. This relates to dance/house genre as it creates connotations of letting yourself go to the music and having fun which is all associated with this genre.
One thing that is evident from looking at the poster is that we cannot see the artists face on the poster. this could suggest how he does not care about promoting himself and the fame, its more about the music he creates and making his audience fan base happy. As there are no specific facial expressions it also helps us as an audience to see that there are no raw emotions you should feel when listening to his music, it’s just about enjoyment. This could also be an indication to us as an audience to the insight of the artist suggesting he is quite laid back and doesn’t feed of self-promotion. In addition, how the artist is framed within the poster suggests he is carefree and having fun as he has his arms freely in the air almost like he is celebrating. Also, how he is enlarged compared to the crowd could suggest how his music is quite empowering and draws people in and has a ruling affect.
Also in the silhouette of the artist you can see a setting which looks like a festival as there is a big crowd and a smoke machine. This imagery in the silhouette is almost like a canvas of the setting and location this music is associated with. This helps us as an audience to understand the location Andy C likes to play and produce his music.
Also, DJ decks are evident in the poster. These are a typical genre convention associated with dance/house music. In the poster these could be seen as a prop to draw the attention in of the specific target audience as people associated with this music are stereotyped to possibly own DJ decks at home as they like to make their own music.
In addition, tour dates are placed at the bottom of the poster which would help with the promotion of his music and himself as an artist. Placing the tour dates at the bottom of the poster could also help to widen the artists target audience as it could draw people’s attention from the places he Is promoting to play. Moreover, Andy C has also included the locations on his poster which have sold out. This helps increase his popularity because, the audience would think he must be a good artist to have already got sold out locations. Therefore, this could also help his target audience grow in size.

In addition, you cannot see the artist’s face within the poster, this suggests to us as an audience that Andy C cares more about his music than his actual popularity levels, this also links into the dance genre as stereotypically, people who listen to this music do not care about their appearance as they are care free. In the poster we can also see that Andy C has an open stance. This can suggest he is open and free which links into the dance genre conventions of being independent and no commitments.