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Question 3 Media Evaluation-What kind of Media Institution might distribute your media product and why?

Our thriller opening sequence is a horror/crime-thriller and due to this we felt it would be rated at a 15 on IMDB. The reasons why we think it would be a 15 is because of the fake blood in our shots which signifies violence and the knife not making our thriller very suitable for younger aged audiences. Also our opening sequence infers quite a threatening nature throughout it and therefore would be suitable mainly for adults.


We felt that our media product had the potential of becoming a BBC crime drama. Some of the dramas on the BBC such as Sherlock, Silent Witness and Luther share some similarities to that of our opening sequence. All these dramas are quite violent and have a threatening nature as well as being popular with the adult audience. All three of these dramas are rated 15 and are a similar style to that of our own media product. An example of this is the mystery element to Sherlock where you never are fully revealed the antagonist until the very end, but have glimpses of them throughout. This is evident in our opening sequence with the last few shots of just a black glove reaching out for a weapon and during the flashback of the white mask.



The decision on making it a BBC TV programme was purely on the basis that they are the forefront in producing British Independent films. They are always looking out for finding and developing new talent.

We wanted our story to unfold gradually and our opening sequence leaves many unanswered questions to why he’s there in the first place and what happens to him after. We felt our plot would engage and attract our target audience of 15yrs and over much better as a crime drama instead of a film. This is because our plot wasn’t original enough for it to become a popular crime film. However, it had a lot of possibility to become a popular detective drama similar to Sherlock because of the amount of detail you could add in to each TV episode which would strengthen the plot.

however, there are other media institutions I would reach out to as well such as The UK Film Council. This is because they support many upcoming film directors and therefore we’d have a good chance of them distributing it. Also they would distribute it to a wide range of audiences by funding their British films. The Film Council also have money from the Lottery allowing them to have backed as many as 900 films.


In conclusion we decided to use both industries to advertise our thriller as it will be better for our budget. The Film Council will allow our product to be spread to a range and a variety of people getting it recognised and more likely to become popular. Also the BBC will allow our product to have a high status as it is on a well known channel and will become popular with their audiences.

Question 5 Media Evaluation.

Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

Since we had researched the age in which made up the largest audience for thriller films, we decided to target our film at young adults in particular. We also decided to target towards both male and females.

Furthermore, we discovered that often the groups of people targeted are also the groups shown. Due to this we came to the conclusion that it was best to have a young actor as the main character in the opening sequence. We did this to appeal to the audience that we were targeting, as they would relate most. To ensure this was the case, we presented the main character, Matt, to be an average young adult.

His clothes are smart/casual, which the audience can assume is because he has just come from work or school. Moreover, we decided that it was important to make Matt look as convincing as possible to make the movie realistic and believable to the audience as this way they would be most interested. To do this we needed the mise en scene to reflect a young adult.

Furthermore, we included his phone at the end of the opening sequence when showing the text messages from his girlfriend asking where he was. The phone we used was a modern style to prove that he is in touch with technology as most of the audience from this generation would be and so this makes the film more realistic and modernized.

In addition, the location that we had chosen contains a lot of spray-painting and this adds to the overall image that we were looking to make. The spray paint reflects the typical youth rebellion and carelessness, which much of the audience will be able to relate to.

To interest the audience we thought that a male character would be appropriate. This is because it challenges the stereotype of men being strong and dominant in contrast to women being the victim majority of the time. We thought that with this switch up, and the male character being a victim that this would entice the audience and make them curious as to what happened for him to be in a hostage situation.


Question 6 Media Evaluation.

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Question 4 Media Evaluation


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Question 7 Media Evaluation.

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