The equipment we decided to use was:

  • Hama tripod
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 5s
  • GoPro

We decided to not use the cameras the school provide us with because, we felt it was easier to share our footage with one and other through social media. This made it easier to compare and tell each other what we thought was good and what else we needed to film. In addition, we also found that it was easier to film shots on the go with our phones rather than with a camera as our phones would most likely always be on us if we found something interesting to film.

At Boardmasters festival, for certain shots i decided to use a GoPro to make the audience feel more involved as it would be from my point of view and gives off the impression they are watching through my eyes. Also, another reason we chose to use our phones rather than the cameras was because we found out our phone camera had better pixel quality making our footage clearer and to a better standard. Having this better quality of pixels makes our music video look more professional to our audience as well.

using the Hama Tripod for certain shots overall made it easier for us to get steady shots therefore making our music video look more appealing. However, we did use hands free to show we have the ability to film with a tripod and hands free steadily.