Shot list Final Piece
close up shot- Matts tied up hands (5secs)
close up shot- matts face (7secs)
panning shot-of walls to matt (9secs)
zooming in close up shot-matts face (6secs)
up spin shot- of trees (6secs)
point of view shot- through protagonists eyes at matt walking, in&out of focus (7secs)
point of view shot- in and out of focus (13secs)
long shot-matt (10secs)
point of view shot-protagonist of matt (6secs)
close up shot-matts hand(4secs)
prop point of view shot- matt picking up mask (3secs)
long shot-matt sitting tied up (30secs)
title screen-mask falling(7secs)
close up -matts phone and protagonists hands (21secs)