one aspect we wanted to include within our music video was bright colours, festival attire and clothing you would wear if you was going on holiday. For example, in the photo above we decided for one of our actors to wear bright pink trainers as it was eye catching and fitted within the dance genre due to them being brightly coloured. Shoes are also a big part of the dance genre which feature within videos as the people who are stereotyped to listen to dance are associated with owning branded trainers. an example of this is in DJ fresh’s video ‘louder’. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 09.52.03.png
Screenshot taken from the music video ‘louder’.

Also, in our music video we wanted to relate it to Godwin’s theory that music videos include a voyeuristic treatment to the audience watching. For this reason, when we filmed the shots in the paradise location, we decided for our actors to wear brightly coloured swim wear. 

The props we decided to use all link in with the dance genre. For example, we decided to feature a bright orange tent within the music video because dance music is related to festivals where people will camp and have a fun time therefore the audience can relate more due to the festival environment. Suitcases also featured within our music video as it created connotations of running away. In addition we have the suitcase at the start of the music video which also creates connotations of adventure and exploring. This can be linked to the dance genre as fans are stereotyped to run away from responsibilities and live a care free life.