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Wretch 32 Poster Analysis


wretch 32The poster gives off quite an urban feel. To the left we can see an image of a block of flats. This can symbolise and relate to what Wretch 32 writes his songs about. Also, a lot of the poster looks like it has been spray painted with black, giving off the impression of graffiti. This helps with the urban theme and links with the genre dance/house as graffiti is associated with freedom as you can paint what you like and people who listen to house/dance are stereotyped to be carefree.
Wretch 32 has also promoted himself well using word play. “Wretchrospective” shows that he has not forgot about his success and portrays that he wants to promote himself as well as the new album. This can also be an indication to the audience that he is smart and intelligent due to the play on words.
The mid shot of Wretch 32 on the poster shows himself to be looking to the side. This could suggest how as an artist he does not like all the attention on him and he wants the audience to focus on the music he creates more than him as an artist. Also, on the mid shot of Wretch 32 we can see that religious imagery has been used. On one of his legs there is a cross on a chain which is symbolic. This helps to subvert the stereotype of the audience who listens to dance/house music as they can be associated with drinking, drugs and being rebellious which isn’t a very religious thing to do. Therefore, Wretch 32 is promoting dance/house/pop music as a good thing to people. Also, the mise en scene of the artist is very limited and simplistic which suggests to us as an audience that he is humble.
High key lighting is used on the poster which can suggest a sense of happiness and an upbeat mood which links into the artists music. The colour scheme of white, shades of blue and black also helps to create connotations of contentment as the shades of blue can be associated to summer and having fun.
On the poster, other artists who feature on the album are started in a bold font. For example, chipmunk has been mentioned on the poster, which possibly could increase Wretch 32’s target audience as it might appeal more now to a younger demographic. Also, the release date of the album has been included on the poster, this gives the album a sense of anticipation and therefore would make the audience more excited.
The white bold font in capital letters help it to stand out to an audience and makes it more eye catching. Also, the upper-case lettering also portrays a sense of importance to the poster. Also, how the white writing is written on a black background also helps it to stand out and helps the audience identify the valuable information if they just had a glance at the poster.

Napater is a digital music service where you can share music with one and other. This is displayed in the bottom right hand corner with other disruption companies. Napster is a good digital platform for the artist because Wretch 32 fans can share digitally the song with friends and family which therefore promotes the song and spreads the popularity creating advantages for the artist such as a bigger fan base and a increase in money. In addition, Wretch 32 also has featured his myspace account link on his poster which overall will help him to create a bigger fan base if people search him up on their account and follow him. HMV is a well established distribution company which is well known to the public. Wretch 32 choosing to have his album sold within this distribution company represents to the audience that the album must be of a high quality for it to be allowed to be published within this distribution therefore, it grabs the audiences attention more as they will think its a worthwhile buy due to the quality of shops its sold in. Within the poster, a block of flats are seen in the top left corner which creates a gritty urban feel. stereotypically, young people of a working class status are often seen to be hanging around these types of areas as its easy to vandalise the sides of walls with graffiti and easily get away with mischief. Therefore, Wretch 32 adding these features within his poster draws his target audience in more as its features which they can relate to in there day to day life. 

Chase And Status Digipak Analysis

digipak chase and status

i have attached a link to the document above if the screenshot and slideshow are hard to read.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.36.59

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Chase And Status Music Video Analysis

Let you go by chase and status was released as a digital download on the 15th of August 2010 and the music video was released on 29 July 2010. The single debuted on the UK singles chart at number 11, which marks the bands second most successful single to date.  The video features a TV talk show host, who is similar to Jeremy Kyle, called Patrick Chase, played by Glenn Carter.  I have included the music video below.

Genre conventions 
As a band defined by the genres of drum and bass and dance, there are certain genre characteristics that would be expected to be found in other videos conforming to the same category. In this case, there are multiple shots of the actor playing ‘Patrick Chase’ doing drugs within the music video. This is associated with the genre drum and bass and dance as people who listen to this type of music are stereotyped to be drug users. The use of drugs is also used within other Chase and Status music videos such as ‘flashing lights’ therefore, this portrays that it is a common theme associated within this genre and the band. Also, drinking is another common theme associated in the music video which conforms to the genre of the music video. This is because, festivals such as Creamfields and Bestival are associated with the stereotypical ‘ravers’ who attend for this particular music genre. These people are stereotyped to get drunk and “feel the music”. Chase and status look at showing controversial contentious issues such as drugs and sex and violence. To help empathize the issues, in the music video low key lighting is used to create drama and to further empathize the issues to the audience. Shadows are also shown within the music video to show how Patrick chase is hiding and does not want his bad reputation to be seen.

Relationship between visual and lyrics. 
As Goodwin states there should be a relationship between the visual and the lyrics throughout the music video. The visuals and lyrics to this particular music video both illustrate and amplify the song’s overall meaning in different ways. Such lyrics such as ‘let you go’ ‘There’s nowhere to run’ ‘things have got to change’ all link as they create a sense of hopelessness. The visuals link to the lyrics as on the line ‘Let you go’ Patrick chase, the Main character in the music video is letting himself go too far and In the wrong way as there Is a close up shot of him doing a line of drugs. In addition, in the music video when ‘Let you go’ is repeated a fast Montage of clips are presented. This includes close up shots of his face drunk, close up shots of sick on his suit and a long shot at a high angle of him dancing drunk in the street. These shots all portray the same message that he is just as low as the people who go onto his helpline show thus, portraying the irony throughout the music video. Also, the high angle implies how people are looking down on Patrick Chases choices as he has made bad life decisions which, overall shows how he has let himself go.

Relationship between the visual and music. 
The relationship between the visual and music varies throughout the music video. At the start, the tempo of the music is slow, followed by a slow introduction of the Patrick Chase show as it is setting the scene and starting to show the audience the story behind the music video. As the music video goes on and the story reveals more information, the audience find out that the TV host who helps people with issues relating to drugs and family and drink, actually does drugs himself and binge drinks and is addicted to sex. As this is very ironic the tempo picks up to emphasise the irony behind this, the shots become shorter and the cuts become closer together to show the impact of the bad choices he’s made that are effecting his life. Towards the end of the music video where the tempo is at its quickest and the bass has dropped, a fast montage is used to portray all the things that Patrick Chase has done wrong which has affected him. This includes fast inter cuts of different shots making the pace of the video very fast which portrays a sense of panic and how his life has spiralled out of control.

Voyeuristic treatment.
Though there are not necessarily any pan or tracking shots that depict a voyeuristic treatment of the female body, the video does include a notion of sex in the music video, which would conform to Laura Malveys theory of the male gaze. Towards the end of the music video, Patrick Chase is seen to be having sex with a woman who is revealing a lot of flesh. This is extremely regular in dance and drum and bass as women are seen to be flaunting themselves and dressed in very little clothes or nothing in the bid for sex appeal, simply because it sells well and the music video gets more views. The music video also portrays how we are looking at the woman though a man’s perspective which also conforms to Laura Malveys theory.

focus on artist.

Goodwin states that in music videos there should be a focus on the band (brand recognition). In the particular video I have analysed, the band does not star in the video, which therefore subverts Goodwins theory. As the band does not star in their music video, this could portray how the band focuses more on the actual music and the message behind the music rather than branding the band. However, Plan B who is associated with the genres Hip-hop, drum and bass and grime features in the music video as he has a cameo role. This could portray how the band also focuses on giving other artists recognition. In addition, Plan B also fits in with the genre of chase and statuses music, therefore the audience who are fans of Plan B will also watch the music video to see him feature in it which, overall will increase the views and popularity of the song.

intertextual references.

Throughout the music video, there are many direct intertextual references, which relate to the TV programme Jeremy Kyle. The specific shots, shown below, links in with the idea of the show as its set out in the same way Jeremy Kyle presents his show and the characters within the music video look similar to the types of people you see within the actual show. This instantly creates a comedic effect that the audience watching will find funny, as it is a pastiche of the show. However, as the Jeremy Kyle show is biased against drug users, heavy drinkers and cheats, the music video is very contradicting as Patrick chase ( the TV host) himself is a drug user. This then creates a sense of dark humour due to the irony of the music video and shows the deeper message behind the music video which is not to let yourself go the wrong way an take the wrong approach to life.

Andy C Poster Analysis


poster andy c

In the poster, Low key lighting is used which creates a party vibe as parties normally happen at night time. This would attract the people associated with this genre as they would be able to relate to times they have been in this kind of environment.
The white bold font on the poster helps to advertise the poster as it stands out more to the audience against the dark background. The contrast in colours would make it look more appealing to an audience. Below the mid shot of the artist, there is his Iconic font for his name. this makes him easily identifiable to an audience who are already fans of his music and to an audience who know of him. The purple lines act as beams of light such as strobe lights. This is a common theme with festivals as normally these types of lights create a dance/party theme as there wild and crazy. This relates to dance/house genre as it creates connotations of letting yourself go to the music and having fun which is all associated with this genre.
One thing that is evident from looking at the poster is that we cannot see the artists face on the poster. this could suggest how he does not care about promoting himself and the fame, its more about the music he creates and making his audience fan base happy. As there are no specific facial expressions it also helps us as an audience to see that there are no raw emotions you should feel when listening to his music, it’s just about enjoyment. This could also be an indication to us as an audience to the insight of the artist suggesting he is quite laid back and doesn’t feed of self-promotion. In addition, how the artist is framed within the poster suggests he is carefree and having fun as he has his arms freely in the air almost like he is celebrating. Also, how he is enlarged compared to the crowd could suggest how his music is quite empowering and draws people in and has a ruling affect.
Also in the silhouette of the artist you can see a setting which looks like a festival as there is a big crowd and a smoke machine. This imagery in the silhouette is almost like a canvas of the setting and location this music is associated with. This helps us as an audience to understand the location Andy C likes to play and produce his music.
Also, DJ decks are evident in the poster. These are a typical genre convention associated with dance/house music. In the poster these could be seen as a prop to draw the attention in of the specific target audience as people associated with this music are stereotyped to possibly own DJ decks at home as they like to make their own music.
In addition, tour dates are placed at the bottom of the poster which would help with the promotion of his music and himself as an artist. Placing the tour dates at the bottom of the poster could also help to widen the artists target audience as it could draw people’s attention from the places he Is promoting to play. Moreover, Andy C has also included the locations on his poster which have sold out. This helps increase his popularity because, the audience would think he must be a good artist to have already got sold out locations. Therefore, this could also help his target audience grow in size.

In addition, you cannot see the artist’s face within the poster, this suggests to us as an audience that Andy C cares more about his music than his actual popularity levels, this also links into the dance genre as stereotypically, people who listen to this music do not care about their appearance as they are care free. In the poster we can also see that Andy C has an open stance. This can suggest he is open and free which links into the dance genre conventions of being independent and no commitments. 

David Guetta Digipak Analysis

digipak david guetta

i have included a link to the document if the screenshot and slideshow is to hard to read.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.17.10

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Calvin Harris Digipak Analysis

calvin harris digipak anaysis

if the screenshot and slideshow of the digipak i have analysed is to hard to read, there is a link attached to the word document at the top.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.07.45.png


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How Deep Is Your Love Music Video Analysis

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How Deep Is Your Love is a song by Calvin Harris and English production trio Disciples. It was released on 17 July 2015 and features uncredited vocals by Norwegian singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen. The single reached the top-ten in 22 countries, including number two on the UK charts and number one in Australia, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and Russia. I have included the music video below.

Genre characteristics.

As an artist defined by the genre deep Dance/House there are certain genre characteristics that would be expected to be found in similar videos within this genre. In this case, there are multiple shots of the American model Gigi Hadid in a sunny beach/holiday like location and also a club. This is common to see in this particular genre. This is also seen in the video ‘thinking about you’ by Calvin Harris where they are partying on a boat. Therefore, this overall portrays that this type of location is a common feature within this genre and artist as it creates connotations of relaxation. Also, partying is another common theme associated in the music video which conforms to the genre of this video as the fan base surrounded by this type of music are stereotyped to have lots of parties and are easy going. At the start of the music video the lighting is low key with a blue/green tint and combined with the image and sound it portrays a strange mysterious effect. But, the video is mainly low key lighting compared to high key lighting. Calvin Harris could of made this decision to emphasise how the parties come more alive at night.

Relationship between visual and lyrics.

As Goodwin states, there should be a relationship between the visual and the lyrics throughout the music video. The visuals and lyrics to this particular music video both demonstrate and strengthen the song’s overall meaning in different ways. on the particular lyric “No inhibition, no sin” we see a woman stripping down out of her clothes into something more revealing which shows more flesh very confidently. This link between the lyrics and visual implies that the protagonist has no worries and is a very care free person with confidence. This associates with the genre, as people who listen to this particular genre are stereotyped to be easy going and laid back. Panning is used in different ways to help link the visuals and lyrics together. For example, in the beginning of the music video the camera pans across the sea from left to right and then in and out in a different scene. This may be used as a metaphor to suggest that the sea is as “deep” as “love” can be which comes from the lyric “How deep is your love”. Therefore, it could show that you can drown and come over whelmed with emotion. This could also link to the reason why the protagonist is introduced as waking up from the dead at the start of the music video.

Relationship between visual and music.

The video starts with a pre-music snippet containing almost silence with just non-diegetic ambient sounds in the background, onscreen is a close up of a body bag with short shots focusing around at different parts of the body. Another link which conforms to Goodwins theory is that the editing is used in a very unique way. Gigi who is the protagonist is seen to be acting in a naturalistic way. However, with the addition of different colours such as red, purple, pink and orange, the footage overlapping and the footage being sped up creates a ghosting affect which links to the story as the protagonist was laying dead at the start of the music video on a metal table. Also, the Music video has very fast cuts and transitions. This portrays the video as being chaotic, which is also a typical theme that is stereotypically associated with the genre dance/house due to it being fast paced.


Voyeuristic treatment.

the video for ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ includes multiple shots which conform to Laura Malveys theory of the male gaze. Half way through the video we see the protagonist leaving a pool in a revealing bikini. Also, when she leaves the pool it is edited in slow motion which emphasises her sexual desire of trying to pursue the men in the video and also the male viewers. This is regular to see in this genre as women typically are seen to be dressed in very little clothing. The video also portrays how we as an audience are looking through the eyes of a male as that is what they find attractive. Also, we see the protagonist pouting with bright red lipstick on. This conforms to the Male gaze theory as its portraying her as erotic and confident and wants to grab men’s attention.

Focus on artist.

Goodwin states that in music videos there should be a focus on the artist (brand recognition). In the particular video I have analysed, the artist does not star in the video, which therefore subverts Goodwins theory. As the artist does not star in their music video, this could portray how they focus more on the music and the message behind the music. However, Gigi Hadid who is an American model features as the protagonist in the music video. This could portray how Calvin Harris wants to give other people without musical talent recognition. Also, Gigi Hadid has her own fan base, for example on Instagram she has 35.9 million followers. Therefore, her fans would watch the music video to see her in it which overall would raise the number of views on the video thus, growing in popularity.

Intertextual references.

Throughout the music video, there are many direct intertextual references, which relate to clubs and Ibiza which, is known for its club vibes and holidays. The specific shots, shown below, links in with the idea of Ibiza due to its low-key lighting but also RGB LED lighting, crystal blue seas, boat parties and dancing. This would remind the audience watching the music video of Ibiza as they can associate these particular shots with this destination.




Music Video Preliminary.

overall I had lots of fun making the music video because we had to be very imaginative with the locations we used. Also, by having the elephant costume helped the music video to look more like the original. I thought that we matched up some shots very well to the original, for instance the cardboard sign shots. One thing we struggled with though was the locations in the music video. we could not go down to London to film on the tube so, we had to improvise and print off signs associated with the tube station and stick them on a white wall. Also, we had no access to an airport at the time so we had to get friends going on holiday who weren’t media students to film for us, hence the portrait shaky videos towards the middle of the music video preliminary. From making the preliminary I have learnt that I will have to film all the footage myself so that it is of the same quality and all landscape.

I have included the real music video for Coldplay Paradise below.

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