Here is our official music poster for our song. We decided to go with the exploding paint effect as it displays lots of bright colours and creates connotations of freedom and fun. We have also included logos of different types of social media platforms which our target audience would stereotypically use such as snapchat and instagram. In addition, we have also included tour dates as this is a typical convention of dance music posters. When creating our poster, i decided to use the software adobe photoshop as it allowed me to create effects such as making the text have a lower opacity and i could edit the text to make it look like it was exploding out of the paint. I had to teach myself how to use the software though but that was pretty simple as i just watched youtube tutorials. i decided to use white font as i thought it created a good contrast with all the bright colours and also it helped make the text stand out more as well. This is an important convention for a poster as it needs to be eye catching to your target audience.

Here is a screenshot of our music poster. Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.35.34